About Us



The Guava Production team comprises young, bright and innovative minds helping you tell your story. Based in Alberta, Canada,  we have combined our diverse and expert qualifications to form a team that best serves you. Our goal is to help people have the ability to display narratives from their eyes through our lens. With the power of cinematography and our more than capable team, we have already taken large steps to success, but we want our next step to be with you. 



Co-Founder of Guava Productions and friend to those ambitious people who pursue their dreams. I aspire to run a full-stack production house that will create content to reshape narratives and inform the world of significant matters. To achieve this grand vision, I immerse myself in the craft of content creation daily, deepening my understanding of what it takes to tell a story. Team up with Guava, and we will work towards getting your message out in the world with top-tier production value.


Mahmood Bachh


As the co-founder of Guava Productions, it is my dream to create films that directly result in the betterment of humanity and the world. The power of connecting to other humans through this modern medium truly fascinates me. That is why I am passionate about my pursuit of mastering the craft of content creation. I would love to share this with the world and connect with other like-minded businesses to produce meaningful content.


Zaharadeen Jimoh

Administrative coordinator

Zaharadeen is the name and film is my game. I aspire to build a full-stack personal media brand for topics I aspire to become a leader in, namely health and wellness. Achieving this goal requires the development of a continued skillset, and by joining Guava Productions, I can become the best content creator I can possibly be


Muneer Nazir

Managing Director

Being part of the Guava Productions team, I aspire to learn what it means to be and become a leader in today’s entrepreneurial sphere. Through productions, I want to create a culture of understanding and give the opportunity to people to tell their stories from their perspective. I believe every story has a lesson, and I hope through these stories we gain a better understanding of the world. Also, through these lessons continuously develop my skillset to reach my goals both within and out of the company.



I created Guava Productions to realize both my passion for content creation and my pursuit of activism. This culminates into a business venture that gives me a strong sense of fulfillment. In a personal capacity, I enjoy the multifaceted nature of operating Guava Productions, meeting with new clients with ambitious goals and getting a chance to be part of that process, collaborating with experts and feeling growth occur daily, meeting challenges and adapting overcome them – all makes me driven.

Filling a massive need in my community, providing a service that is in action for the betterment of humanity, I choose to work with people that have a shared sense of virtue. I have always felt like a problem solver and gain purpose by trying to create solutions,
however, I have come to know that they are way too many problems in the world and many people who can arrive at better solutions
then me, so Guava takes a role in enabling their amazing people and allows them to share their story and message with the world.
Being able to provide professional productions from a veil and being the ultimate support staff. This company allows me to
channel my creativity, activism, faith and passions on the world stage.